Space Map

Space Map
Welding CNC Plasma Cutter Machining Metal Work Lasers Large Project Bay Saws and Planers Woodworking Kitchen Lounge Electronics and Reception 3D Printers Classroom


A shielded place to do work on your welding projects. We have:
Tig Welder
Mig Welder
Manual Plasma Cutter
Angle grinders

There is a nominal cost associated with using the welding equipment.

CNC Plasma Cutter

A robot wielding Hot Plasma! What could go wrong?

Training is required to use this machine.


CNC Mill
Manual Mill

Training is required to use these machines.

Metal Work

More info....
Metal Work


We have two laser cutters where you can cut wood and some plastics. Unfortunately they're not advanced enough to take over the world.

Training is required to use these machines. Members get a set amount of free time on the lasers each month. Members can pay for additional time.

Large Project Bay

This is an open area with extra space so you can work on larger projects. Need to work on your car in the middle of a snowstorm? We've got you covered.

Generally we ask that projects are gone by the end of the day but if you need to leave it longer, make a pitch to our membership on our google groups list.

Saws and Planers

This area contains some of the larger woodworking tools such as:

Table saw
Planer (Jet JPM-13CS)
Thickness planer (Ryobi AP1301)
Table saw (Craftex CX201)
Drum Sander (General International 15-250 M1)

There is a dust collection system so you can use these tools without making too big a mess.


This area has surfaces so you can work with some of the smaller hand tools.


Here is where the most important tool for making is located: The coffee machine! We also have a selection of other drinks and snacks in our vending machines. Just remember, the fridge is for food, not science.


A nice quiet place to think or have a meeting. The Calgary Steampunk Assemblage helped us set this room up.

Electronics and Reception

This is where we welcome you to Protospace! We have a little museum of donated member projects, large work surfaces and all the things you need to work on electronics projects, like:

Soldering and rework station
Electronic Components (take a part leave a part)
Digital Multi-Meters (DMM)
SMD Oven
SMD Microscope
Misc. other test equipment.

3D Printers

A selection of 3D printers for anything you want to make with filament or resin. There is a nominal cost associated with using these printers.


Here we conduct the theory part of our classes, members meetings, movie nights and general socializing. We also have computers with software for some of our more advanced tools and an industrial sewing machine.