Protospace is Calgary’s non-profit makerspace. We have a community wood shop, metal shop, sewing room, 3D printers, laser cutters, electronics lab, and much more. We offer classes on equipment you are unfamiliar with. Membership is $55 / month for 24/7 access.

We are a quirky, fun community where artists, makers and geeks come together to share our knowledge, equipment and ideas. We have no owners, shareholders, employees, or staff. Everything we do is driven by our members volunteering.

We are more than just our machines. We are a place to meet new friends, to hang out, to learn new skills, discuss common interests and network. We always welcome new members, everyone from beginners to experts and everything in between.

Come build something with us today!

Protospace is now open to the public!

This means:

  • Tuesday Meet and Geek will resume, weekly from 7pm-9pm (sometimes later) for tours, show and tell, and signups.
  • Members may once again bring guests,
  • We can have sufficient occupancy to meet quorum to vet new members.
  • Training can resume so new members can get signed off to use tools bigger than a screwdriver

Safety is still the priority. There are still some covid recommendations; we ask that attendees
(including members):

  • Maintain physical distancing with cohorts not from the same household,
  • Sanitize hands on entry and frequently while in the space,
  • Sign in and out at the log book with contact information in case contact tracing is necessary.