• Cybera: Protospace Members Rejoice!

    Cybera: Protospace Members Rejoice!

    17 Apr 2014 0 Comments

      At Protospace, we have a lot of geeks. As geeks, we spend a lot of time on the internet and require more computing resources  than the average Calgarian. Recently, we’ve been fortunate to receive services from Cybera – a not-for-profit...

  • Give The Gift of Geek for Christmas!

    Give The Gift of Geek for Christmas!

    16 Dec 2013 0 Comments

       Gift Certificates Now Available!!   Know anyone on your shopping list who is always tinkering, and creating, but you can’t get them anything, because they need very specific things for their hobbies- and you don’t know what they...

  • Protospace @ Maker Faire 2013!

    Protospace @ Maker Faire 2013!

    15 Sep 2013 0 Comments

    Protospace was out in force attending the Calgary Mini Maker Faire 2013 at ACAD. Over a dozen members had their own booths showing off projects they made at Protospace and several dozen more were helping out and touring about. If you’re looking...

  • Laser Upgrade: Lasersaur!

    Laser Upgrade: Lasersaur!

    03 Sep 2013 0 Comments

    As some of you have heard, our laser died. We had to choose between reviving it as-was, or upgrading it. We upgraded it. A little fundraising and a lot of volunteer time, it’s now capable of way more than it ever was before! New types of cuts, better...

  • Electronics Area Revival!

    Electronics Area Revival!

    26 Aug 2013 0 Comments

    Volunteers built a new electronics area for Protospace. There’s now a common use computer, and two diagnostics/assembly stations with each their own: hot air/soldering iron, oscilloscope, power supply, and frequency generator. All our electronics...

  • Flood Damaged Electronics Repairs!

    Flood Damaged Electronics Repairs!

    04 Jul 2013 0 Comments

    Protospace puts together a Flood Damaged Electronics repair kit and our volunteers stepped up to man 3 different Repair Cafes this week. This helped to get broken cell phones, laptops, stereos, and other waterlogged electronics back on their feet and...

  • Protospace’s First Field Trip

    Protospace’s First Field Trip

    25 May 2013 0 Comments

    30 Protospace members got what many described as the tour of a lifetime today. A private steam-era museum known as the Canadian Museum of Making. Full-time world-class artisans have been restoring unique machines from the Industrial Revolution for several...

  • Protospace @ Western Canadian Robotics Games

    Protospace @ Western Canadian Robotics Games

    12 May 2013 0 Comments

    Several Protospace members and projects competed in the Western Canadian Robotics Games, hosted in Calgary at the Aerospace Museum.

  • Sleek New Sign

    Sleek New Sign

    26 Mar 2013 0 Comments

    Tonight a few awesome members mounted our massive & bright sign on the front side of the building.

  • Harlem Shake YYC

    Harlem Shake YYC

    19 Feb 2013 0 Comments

    Yes, I know that the meme is pretty much dead already, but when the folks at Protospace didn’t want to film a Hackerspace edition of the Harlem Shake, I had to take my robot costume elsewhere. At least 10 community groups comprising of over 100...