• A Vision For Collaboration

    A Vision For Collaboration

    04 May 2012 0 Comments

    I’m a visionary, I always have been. I see a world that can be so much more than it is now, a world that can achieve it’s potential with just a little guidance. That’s why I’m so heavily involved in Protospace, because I want to make a change,...

  • Thar Be Dragons

    Thar Be Dragons

    04 May 2012 0 Comments

    So we got pwned a while ago and have been working hard to get our site back up and running. Weetabix, StandardToaster, Kan & Ultramegaman have been doing amazing work rebuilding the back end and hardening the system, so we should have all of our...

  • Our New Space

    Our New Space

    04 May 2012 0 Comments

    By StandardToaster On September 29, 2011 In Protospace With No Comment Today was a HUGE day. We’ve gotten keys to our new space. On Saturday, we’ll be moving in our stuff from various homes around the city, and hope to have our next Tuesday meeting...

  • Carpool


    04 May 2012 0 Comments

    We’re aware that our new location is hard to access if you don’t have a vehicle, so we encourage our members to car pool! The primary purpose of this is to get everyone down to our Tuesday night meetings, but please use it whenever you like! Here’s...

  • Light Up The Neighborhood

    Light Up The Neighborhood

    04 May 2012 0 Comments

    At Protospace, we strive to bring innovators and projects together to build community in Calgary, which is why we’re supporting Light Up The Neighborhood this year. In collaboration with Endeavor Arts, Light Up The World and Victoria Park BRZ, Protospace...

  • Calgary Expo

    Calgary Expo

    29 Apr 2012 0 Comments

    The Expo was a smashing success for Protospace & The WCRS! SAIT’s J5 Robot definitely brought sexy back! A big thanks goes out to all of our volunteers who helped out. We’ll be seeing dozens of new faces down at the space for Meet&Geek...

  • Moar Good News!

    Moar Good News!

    05 Mar 2012 0 Comments

    Further updates on what’s going on at Protospace for those of you that don’t want to sift through the hundreds of emails on our mailing lists. On Sunday, March 3rd, we did a big reorganization of the space. We ripped apart the old shelving units,...

  • Weekend Warriors!

    Weekend Warriors!

    31 Oct 2011 0 Comments

    At Protospace, we don’t sleep very often (well, at least I don’t), and this weekend was no exception. We had our hands full this weekend with interviews, the opening of the new science centre and planning of our upcoming Make:Art workshop. Our weekend...