Neon Vipers FIRST Lego League Tour
Oct 1 @ 18:00 – 21:00

Protospace is proud to host the Neon Vipers for a tour of the Space and a discussion about the interaction of learning and making. Best of luck for this year’s competitions!

Laser Cutter Training Course
Oct 4 @ 10:00
TIG Welding Training
Oct 5 @ 12:00

TIG Welding Training with Travis
Wait List/Sign Up instructions are posted in the Discussion group

Orientation and Safety Training
Oct 7 @ 20:00

Member Orientation and Safety Training presented by Mike M.
Contact Mike M on the Discuss list.

Note that this course is also being presented by Byron On October 19.

Welding Training
Oct 18 @ 12:00

This date is subject to change.
Instructions for adding your name to the list for Welding training were posted to the discussion list.

Travis is organizing these courses.

Extraordinary General Meeting
Oct 18 @ 14:00

The deadline for director nominations and special resolutions to amend our articles of association is September 27, 2014 at midnight. Anything not submitted to directors@ by then will not be accepted.

This will replace the October 13, 2014 members meeting
Orientation and Safety Training
Oct 19 @ 14:00

Orientation and Safety Training, Presented by Byron

This course is open to probationary (un-vetted) members as well as “junior” members (under 18) accompanied by an adult.

To sign up, please use this URL: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c4faaa82ca6fd0-member

You are not required to make an account with Sign Up Genius to sign up, however, many other non-profits locally have moved to this tool, so you may already have one. If you do not have an SUG account, please either leave an email or phone number in your sign up (email preferred).

Note: This course is also being presented by Mike M on October 7.


Kids and Newbies – Learn to Solder – Group Build
Oct 25 @ 14:00

Build an ENTS* Rocket ship with blinking lights! A great first project for anyone who’s never soldered before or for kids to do with a parent.

We will each assemble a rocket-shaped PCB, a pin clasp (so you can proudly wear it), a battery holder (with battery), two LEDs and a power switch. With lots of people around, you’ll easily find help in learning how to solder components.

You’ll end up with something that looks like this (but the lights blink and its way cooler).

A $2 donation per kit is appreciated. If we run out of kits, priority will be given to kids, but we have several.

*Thanks to our counterparts at the Edmonton New Technology Society for giving us a bunch of their boards!

RSVP at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c4faaa82ca6fd0-kids

CCNA1 Written / CCNA1 Lab exam
Oct 27 @ 18:00 – 21:00

YYC Net Lab ( http://yycnetlab.org ) has partnered with Protospace to offer discounted Cisco Certified Network Associate training through Cisco’s Network Academy program to Protospace members.  Examinations such as this one are scheduled on an as-needed basis as students progress through the curriculum.  If you are interested in CCNA or any other network related training, YYC Net Lab would love to hear from you.


Tabletop games night!
Nov 7 @ 19:00

So, we are a go for November 7, starting at 7:00pm (ish).

Don’t worry if you need to show up late or leave early, I suspect we’ll have lots of opportunities for people to come and go.

For more information, follow the thread on Protospace-discuss or contact Lindsay Orr.