Give The Gift of Geek for Christmas!

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   Gift Certificates Now Available!!   Know anyone on your shopping list who is always tinkering, and creating, but you can’t get them anything, because they need very specific things for their hobbies- and you don’t know what they are?? or are they needing tools that are too big/ too expensive to buy?? maybe they […]

Protospace @ Maker Faire 2013!

Makerfaire Sign Cut

Protospace was out in force attending the Calgary Mini Maker Faire 2013 at ACAD. Over a dozen members had their own booths showing off projects they made at Protospace and several dozen more were helping out and touring about. If you’re looking for an excuse to see more about Protospace, Maker Faire is the perfect […]

Laser Upgrade: Lasersaur!


As some of you have heard, our laser died. We had to choose between reviving it as-was, or upgrading it. We upgraded it. A little fundraising and a lot of volunteer time, it’s now capable of way more than it ever was before! New types of cuts, better software, Z-axis control, the list goes on!