Cybera: Protospace Members Rejoice!



At Protospace, we have a lot of geeks. As geeks, we spend a lot of time on the internet and require more computing resources  than the average Calgarian. Recently, we’ve been fortunate to receive services from Cybera – a not-for-profit tech agency that exists to accelerate innovation in Alberta through Information Technology. Through Cybera, Protospace members have access to the following two services:



Do you have a bandwidth intensive project that needs a home? Protospace has a full 1Gbps connection to the internet! This is a massive amount of bandwidth that allows Protospace members to experiment with real-time / resource intensive applications at no cost! Combine this with the local server and computing resources at the space and you have everything you need to upload and download to your heart’s content. This bandwidth comes FREE with your Protospace membership.


Rapid Access Cloud

If you’ve used Amazon Web Services or Google’s Cloud Platform, you know how powerful cloud computing can be. Paid cloud services can get expensive, especially if you want to experiment with new ideas on a low budget. Cybera is providing every Protospace member with FREE access to cloud computing resources through their Rapid Access Cloud. This has comparable features to the other big players on the market, except that it’s based in Calgary and is meant as a staging area for innovative and entrepreneurial ideas.

Even with the leading powerful cloud computing platforms on the market, most users are limited to their local internet connection when transferring data back and fourth between their computer and the cloud. Combining CyberaNet & Cybera’s RAC offerings at Protospace bypasses the slow Internet provided by most ISPs and gives Protospace members the fastest access possible to Cybera’s computing resources.

Protospace will be hosting a workshop with Cybera in the near future to clarify the significance of this opportunity. If you’re interested in more information, please use our contact page and we’ll let you know the details when they are available.

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