Scoperta & Beakerhead FTW!

Calgary is an awesome place to be right now, and not just because of the Stampede!

Over the last few months, we’ve been working our butts off at Protospace, with a few members practically living at the space in order to make awesome happen. Namably – Jim and Mike have been making mad progress on their Scoperta Project. Scoperta (Latin for “Discovery”) is an educational robotics platform that started with a mutant chair that has made the trip to Burning Man a few times now. Beakerhead (which will be the world’s largest arts & engineering festival in September 2013) loved the idea and has recently injected some resources into the project. The result is now a small army of autonomous living-room furniture, complete with wireless control. This furniture will be used by Beakerhead as a showcase of Calgary’s inventive spirit and will thus be ushered around the city to be used at events and initiatives – starting with The Calgary Stampede. Beakerhead is hosting a Stampede workshop with our boys from the Scoperta team where workshop atendees will be able to build their own mini-mutant chairs! Our friends at the WCRS have created a custom Arduino based robotics board for these little guys and this event will be a perfect trial run. The workshop is sold out, but you can still stop by for a visit! The event runs 11am-4pm July 7th & 8th and the address is 134, 11th Avenue SE. More details here! 

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In addition to the Scoperta awesomeness, Beakerhead has had an insanely busy week! Since Tuesday, they’ve been touring around the city following sightings of mechanical marvels from the Eat Art team out of Vancouver. These large creations are quite the spectacle – a mechanical snake (Titanaboa), a mechanical spider (Mondo Spider) and a three ton, solar powered bike named Daisy! I was able to catch Titanaboa at SAIT yesterday and even meet Jay Ingram, but they’ve still got more awesomeness to go! Follow Beakerhead on Twitter or Facebook for information of where the creatures will be, or check their site for a recap of their activity!



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