Tesseractive Overdrive



The Tesseract in all its glory!

We were going to write up a big post that summarized a big project we did last week, but it looks like one of our own members already made an awesome blog post detailing the entire build process! Check out the link below for the full story!

>> Faby & Kirk’s Tesseract Project <<

The project was created for East Village, who asked us to add something nerdy for their huge Christmas tree. I was afraid that the project wasn’t going to get done as I had a lot less time to commit to the project then I originally intended, but Faby & Kirk took point and got ‘er done! They picked up the materials, designed the structure and spent countless hours meticulously piecing the work of art together. Their sleepless nights paid off – The folks at East Village loved it, and it should stay up near the Simmons Building by the River Walk for at least another week or two!

In addition, this weekend marked the first annual Holiday Gift Market in East Village. This was hosted by the CMLC in the Simmons Building, comprised of a few dozen tables for makers, crafters, artists and designers to peddle their wares. Protospace was invited because we are working with the CMLC to put on Calgary’s First Annual Maker Faire in June 2011 in East Village, and the Tesseract was an additional accomplishment that we are extremely proud of. It was advertised that Protospace would be bringing robots to the event, so we brought our Brian’s Eggbot & Rapman and our near-complete Drinkbot. Because our toys were so different from the rest of the vendors, we had swarms of people around our table all day! Our only snag was that we ran out of business cards in the first hour, so we only had stickers to give to prospective members :)

A few toys from Solarbotics. Props to Andrew Funk for manning this most of the day!
Everyone loves the Eggbot!
Spent most of the day fiddling with the RapMan, I can't wait until we give it some proper upgrades!

A big thanks to everyone else who volunteered their time during the Holiday Gift Market! We also thank Erin Darroch who did a fantastic job in organizing the whole event! I can’t wait until June when we get to host the First Annual Maker Faire in the hippest neighbourhood of Calgary!

Faby, who is also our resident photographer, took all these great pictures for us. You can see more on our flickr stream.

Over the holidays, we’ve had a couple of really successful projects that have pulled together our members, so keep up the great work!

Oh, and we just got 5000 shiny new business cards!

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