Our First Open House (At The New Space)

Protospace’s first open house was held at the new space last night and was a blast! The public was welcome to come hang out and discover who we are. We also has the parts and tools available for attendies to hack their Halloween costumes, followed by fantastic live music by some local artists.

Our primary goal was to provide people with the tools and resources to add electronics to their Halloween costumes. I did a last minute shop at Solarbotics on Friday to grab LEDs, Ardweenys, conductive thread, and some LilyPad components, which we sold during the event. We still have a lot of these parts for sale at the space, so come down on tuesday and start something new. :)

As usual, I spent most of the night meeting people and making sure everyone felt welcome. It was so busy that I didn’t have time to hack my own costume (which I still haven’t started). Fortunately, there were a few guests that hacked away at their costumes with Lilypad components and EL-wire, which included some interesting Minecraft mods.


Lilypad systems are designed for clothing, and they’re washable!

LilyPad + conductive thread = costume win
At Protospace, we give our Creepers a healthy green glow!

Food and drink was plentiful, but with a twist! Shannon brought his vaccum syphon coffee pot, Donna made marshmallows from scratch and Brian made cotton candy.

Best coffee you’ll ever drink!
Cotton candy – you’re doing it right.

Refreshment station
Shannon must be saying something smart – I look impressed.

On top of the halloween hacking, Colin & Brian were able to get our CNC software working with our MAXNC 10 machine. It’s a bit slow because it’s an older mill, but it’s a capable machine that will work until we get ourselves a Sherline. We’re also getting pretty close to finishing our Evil Mad Scientist Drinkbot machine; only the electronics and test tube calibration is left! Other projects throughout the night included more BrutusBot construction, work on the RFID access system and a sign hack to help people find us.

Later in the evening, the event evolved into a bit of a party when our invited DJs arrived. Adam Tindale, an instructor at ACAD, brought down his laptop and a few friends / students to perform some epic beats that they mixed live for our listening pleasure!

That he is! (Mixing)
Adam Tindale

I’m a huge fan of electronica, house and experimental music, thus I thoroughly enjoyed their tag-team performances that went on until midnight. The crowd wasn’t huge, but Adam wasn’t deterred and put on an awesome show.
Some ambient & experimental beats
Everyone loved the set up

Here’s the line up of musicians that were performing last night:

Adam Tindale – Ambient
Greg Debicki (aka Woulg) – Experimental Dubstep
Jesse Altura – Glitch Techno
James Carigan (aka Glyph) – Tech House

Protophotos from the event!

Proto-merch table
Travis’ door hacking

Foosball for DJs
Mike & Valerie

Leah for Dorkbot doing the creep!
Our near-finished drinkbot!

Going to mount this above our door outside.
Our new sandwich board, still needs some work.

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