Light Up The Neighborhood

At Protospace, we strive to bring innovators and projects together to build community in Calgary, which is why we’re supporting Light Up The Neighborhood this year.

In collaboration with Endeavor Arts, Light Up The World and Victoria Park BRZ, Protospace will be working to support residents and businesses of the Beltline neighborhoods in Calgary to create LED displays for the holiday season. Alternative to traditional holiday decorations, these creations will utilize both green energy sources and Arduino based micro-controllers to light up the streets and shop windows of Calgary.

Throughout November and December of 2011, we aim to put on multiple workshops and information sessions to help participants understand the scope of our initiative.

  • Window displays
  • Street hanging displays
  • Balcony displays

Protospace’s role will be to provide the components and expertise necessary for participants to discover their own collaborative and creative capabilities. It is our hope is these efforts will not only brighten the community and bring residents together but will also demonstrate the application for green energy sources.

Each session will be announced either through our Events feed. Workshops will be free, sponsored by the organizations involved. Kits and components can be purchased on request.

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