Great Projects On The Way

Last night was another one of our regular hang out sessions at the new space, which resulted in a turn out of about 25 people. The momentum we are building is slow yet steady. The interesting projects and tools that hackerspaces are known for are beginning to trickle in :)

The Brand New Brutus Bot

Two Calgary local roboticists have just released a new caterpillar chassis called the BrutusBot which can be purchased at Solarbotics. Shannon and I bought the first ones to hit production, but didn’t have time to finish the assembly last night.


Brian brought in his MAXNC 10 CNC machine for us to use! This little guy is a bit old, but still in working condition. Our cousins over at Noisebridge have a fantastic write up about their MAXNC 10 which uses Linux to control it. We hope to get this working within the week!

The ORIGINAL EggBot, now living at your local hackerspace

Brian has also brought his Evil Mad Scientist EggBot to the space for us to use. We have used the EggBot throughout the summer festivals to captivate audiences with it’s autonomous artistic skills.

EZ-B kit, donated by DJ Sures

DJ Sures checked out the space last night and donated an EZ-B robotics controller! These EZ-B kits are extremely versatile and easy to use. The EZ-B worldwide community has used the platform for everything from DYI/commercial home automation to tuning a car.

The first Peggy2 of many

I’m taking a Peggy 2 and blowing it up into a 4′x4′ matrix. The project will include a Peggy 2 kit, a 4′x4′ sheet of plywood, lots of dissected CAT5 cable and a sheet of acrylic. John was working on the control portion last night. The next step is to measure and drill the plywood (and prepare for about 2,600 solder points).


Members are already starting to hack their Halloween costumes at the space! Faby is working on an awesome Minecraft-esque costume, hopefully with some LEDs :)


Sign in progress

We’re finally getting some proper signage ready to help people find the space. We have a sandwich board that shall be painted and placed in front of the CPAA building, directing people to the rear entrance. Above the rear door, we’ll be hanging a large plywood cutout of our logo pimped out with LEDs.

Custom PCB to Lock/Unlock the Main Door

Andrew and Travis are close to being done with the door control system. Travis has sourced a PCB that will toggle the deadbolt for the door, triggered both manually (internally) and through RFID swipes externally.

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