We’re aware that our new location is hard to access if you don’t have a vehicle, so we encourage our members to car pool! The primary purpose of this is to get everyone down to our Tuesday night meetings, but please use it whenever you like!

Here’s how to take part in Protospace’s Car Pool:

  1. Follow Protospace on Twitter
  2. Check for car pool requests or offers by searching the hashtag #protocarpool
  3. Respond to a request or make an offer by using the following format:

#protocarpool [offering/need] [# seats] to @protospace today at [time] from [area] #yyc


#protocarpool offering 2 seats to @protospace today at 5pm from NE #yyc
#protocarpool need 1 seat to @protospace today at 3pm from Central #yyc 

Help a hacker and the environment at the same time!

If you do not have twitter (or can’t stand it!), you can always post an email into one of the mailing lists. Just make sure your subject line is similar to the examples above, i.e.

Subject: protocarpool offering 2 seats to @protospace today at 5pm from NE

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