Here’s a summary of a few of the projects that are / will be happening at Protospace. Some of the links below will bring you to our wiki pages maintained by our members.

In Development: 


The Scoperta Project is it’s own entity, but it often lives at Protospace. An open source initiative to create educational robotics, this project spans everything from drivable armchairs to DIY Segways. Hunt down Jim, Mike or Dan for more information.


Protospace just got a little spacier. Members now have access to Cybera’s extremely broad bandwidth to grow their ideas. The up to 1 Gbps CyberaNet connection brings you a high bandwidth conduit where you can spark fresh ideas. As hackers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts we want to see what you will do with this much network capacity to the internet.

3D Printing

3D printers are pretty much sorcery, and we’ve got a few of them. Rumor has it that some of our members are creating a massive 3D printer prototype dubbed The Tesseract (separate from the tree topper Tesseract)

Archived Projects: 

Calgary Mini Maker Faire 2012

Protospace hosted Calgary’s first Maker Faire on September 8th 2012 in East Village. Maker Faire 2013 will be done through the Calgary Maker Foundation and is scoped for the second week of September 2013 (with Beakerhead).


We have in our possession 2 USRPs from Ettus Research – what you need to set up your own open source GSM base station. One of our members completed an OpenBTS project as a part of his schooling at SAIT Polytechnic, and Protospace was the project sponsor.


Similar to OpenBTS, a group of SAIT students have devised an inexpensive emergency network used for disaster & event coordination. This project is currently undergoing revisions.


A project for East Village’s Christmas Tree by two of our hardest working members, Faby & Kirk.

Chr1stm4s Tr33

Protospace was a part of Calgary’s First Annual Holipalooza – a holiday shindig that raised money for charity. Some of our members worked hard to create a geeky Christmas tree out of hard drive platters & LEDs!

RFID Access System

Every hackerspace needs a high tech way to enter and exit – physical keys just don’t cut it these days!


We’ve used the Evil Mad Science Drinkbot 2.0 design to source our own bartending robot!